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Dear Client(s), Please note that all our employees, in-house consultants and temporarily hired (project basis) consultants has to follow the following code of professional ethics and compliance before starting any work as a consultant.


• Equality. Consultants shall have due regard for and promote equal opportunities and fair employment practices in their assignments and in their actions.

• Indemnity. Consultants shall have in place and ensure any sub-contractors have in place professional indemnity insurance to a level appropriate to the assignment to be undertaken to cover the usual risks in such work.

• Legality. Consultants shall have due regard for, and comply with, all current legislation and relevant law and applicable codes of conduct, including any relating to equal opportunities, health and safety, fraud and contract law.

•  Representations. Consultants shall not make any misleading or potentially misleading claims about their relationship with any Agency or Organization or their ability to secure financial, regulatory, or other support for a client from such an Agency or Organization.


• Agreements. Consultants will have a basic writing with clients in order to set forth
the scope of the consulting engagement. Such agreements shall include details of the scope and nature of the services to be provided, the approach to be taken, how and when progress reports will be given, the basis and amount of any remuneration, the measurement of outcomes and arrangements for client feedback.

• Attitude. Consultants will have empathy for the client and the assignment and practice the highest level of interpersonal and communications skills as well as effective and efficient business practices that add to the quality of the service.

• Benefits. Consultants will accept only those assignments that have the potential of providing a genuine benefit to the client, act to meet the client requirements, and seek and act on feedback received on his or her performance.

•  Completion. Consultants will complete all contracts in a professional manner.

• Confidentiality. Consultants will respect all information relating to clients as confidential and not communicate that information to any one else unless and to the extent that the client has given written permission for such information to be passed to a third party.

• Conflict. Consultants will not seek a client engagement if a conflict of interest is known to exist, will deal openly with those areas that may arise and be deemed a conflict of interest during the negotiations or after the engagement commences, and will refrain from undertaking other assignments which may create a conflict of interest with an existing client without gaining all parties prior written approval.

• Integrity. Consultants will be truthful and forthright with clients and will serve said clients with honesty while maintaining an attitude and manner of objectivity.

•  Personnel. Consultants will ensure that all consulting personnel including sub-contractors working for them are suitably qualified, experienced and competent, that they comply with all applicable codes of conduct, guidelines and standards and that their use is agreed in advance in writing by the client and any other stakeholder that may have a financial or other known interest in the assignment.

• Reporting. Consultants will provide periodic briefings to the client and other stakeholders in the engagement relating to the progress of each of the assignments covered by the contract for the engagement.

• Recruitment. Consultants will refrain from enticing or inviting any employee of the client to consider alternative employment.


Revised Statements

• Development. Consultants will plan for and carry out an annual program of professional development in order to ensure their personal knowledge and skills are kept up to date.

• Favoritism. Consultants will decline any discounts, commissions or gifts as an inducement to show favor to any person or body in any way connected with the assignment.

• Guidelines. Consultants will have due regard for and comply with any guidelines and standards issued from time to time by their professional organizations relating to the delivery of advice.

•  rofessionalism. Consultants will at all times demonstrate through their actions the honor and dignity of the consulting profession and the integrity of their own business.

• Qualifications. Consultants will possess the required knowledge, skills, training and experience to be proficient and relevant in performing any assignment that they accept from a client. They will seek appropriate professional or authorized accreditation
body certification as a verification of their qualifications.

• Referrals. Consultants will refer prospective clients to an appropriate referring intermediary or to one or more qualified consultants where he or she has reasonably established that the advisory or problem solving skills they are offering are not consistent with the client’s requirements.

• Relationships. Consultants will deal with other professional consultants in a fair and equitable manner.

Final Declaration of Code of Ethics


• We will serve our clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity.

• We will keep client information and records of client engagements confidential and will
use proprietary client information only with the client’s permission.

• We will not take advantage of confidential client information for ourselves or our firms.

• We will not allow conflicts of interest which provide a competitive advantage to one client through our
use of confidential information from another client who is a direct competitor without that competitor’s permission.


• We will accept only engagements for which we are qualified by our experience and competence.

• We will assign staff to client engagements in accord with their experience, knowledge, and expertise.

• We will immediately acknowledge any influences on our objectivity to our clients and will offer to withdraw from a consulting engagement when our objectivity or integrity may be impaired.


• We will agree independently and in advance on the basis for our fees and expenses that are reasonable, legitimate,
and commensurate with the services we deliver and the responsibility we accept.

• We will disclose to our clients in advance any fees or commissions
that we will receive for equipment, supplies or services we recommend to our clients.


• We will respect the intellectual property rights of our clients, other consulting firms, and
sole practitioners and will not use proprietary information or methodologies without permission.

• We will not advertise our services in a deceptive manner and will
not misrepresent the consulting profession, consulting firms, or sole practitioners.

• We will report violations of this Code of Ethics.

Thanking you.