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Though we are a business organization, we think we shouldn’t only make money, but also keep our social commitment to alleviate poverty, hunger and do clean and ethical business so that both our organization and society can maximize its wealth. Our principal corporate governance policy and activity include(s), but not limited to:

    1. We will not undertake any business which will harm our society and culture.
    2. We are committed to do clean and ethical business.
    3. portion of our net profit will go for charity every year for the following purpose:
    1. Creation of self employment to eradicate poverty.
    2. Planting of trees to make our environment green and healthy
    3. Advertisement and promotion against health hazard and food and fruit adulteration and chemical poisoning.
    4. Distribution of new cloths, blankets to poor people.
    5. Distribution of food staffs to poor people.
    6. Educational scholarships to poor students.
    7. Helping poor people to construct Low cost house.
    8. Donate environment friendly vehicle to poor people for their livelihood.
    9. Help rural schools to construct low cost classrooms to educate poor children.
    10. Donate some amount for cataract surgery of poor rural old men and women.
    11. Many other ways to help the poor to survive as a respectable human being.