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Any public limited company having more than one crore taka paid up capital (USD 0.1250 million) or need to raise above one crore taka paid up capital (USD 0.1250 million), require capital raising approval from the BSEC.

Any private limited company need to raise above ten crore taka (USD 1.25 million) paid up capital require capital raising approval from the BSEC.

In both cases, a merchant bank is required to be engaged to get the approval from the BSEC. NRBEML as a merchant bank so far raised capital of many private and public limited companies by obtaining consent from the BSEC. A detail list can be found in our work experience page of this website.

Generally, the following documents are required for capital raising approval from the BSEC;

  1. Offer Document/information Memorandum.
  2. Bank Certificate.
  3. Latest Audited Accounts.


  1. A complete list of subscribers should be submitted to the BSEC within 15 days of closing of the subscription along with the copy of the allotment letters.
  2. The proposed capital may be raised from not more than one hundred (100).
  3. All issued shares of the issuer at the time of according this consent shall be subject to lock-in for one (1) year, from the date of issuance of allotment letter, before which it cannot be transferred/sold to another person or entity.
  4. Sponsor/promoter group should maintain a minimum post-issue shareholding of thirty percent (30%) of the total paid up capital of the company at least for three years from the date of according consent.
  5. The subscriber of the shares should provide his/her Tax Identification Number
  6. (TIN) along with the application form.
  7. The company should not use general solicitation or advertising to market the securities.