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An existing listed company can offer right shares to their existing share holders. NRBEMLML can act as a right issue offering manager on behalf of the listed company. We can help them pricing the issue, valuation, size of the offering and pricing the issue, valuation, size of the offering and overall corporate advisory assistance. Please review our right issue management experience in our work experience section.


The likely costs and expenses for Right Issue in the market place could be enumerated.

  1. Issue Manager fee.
  2. BSEC fees (application + consent fee).
  3. CDBL fees and expenses.
  4. Underwriting commission.
  5. Bankers to the Issue commission.
  6. Credit Rating fee (if shares issued at premium).
  7. Stock Exchange listing fee.
  8. Post Issue management expenses.
  9. Capital Raising fee.
  10. Miscellaneous expenses.

For numerical details of those fees and expenses and to get a customized fee chart based on your issue size, Please ask/call our IPO department.


Maximum 5 times of paid up capital can be raised. Quick and easy way to get funds from existing share holders. Need BSEC approval as per Right issue rules 2006.